• 2020 ASPRA*tion Award Winners

    Members of the Arizona School Public Relations Association can find a list of winners that includes links to many of the winning entries in the Member Resources section of this website.



    Annual Report / Finance Publication

    Deer Valley Unified School District: Special Report to the Community - Excellence

    Peoria Unified School District: Annual Review 2020 - Merit


    Avondale Elementary: AESD ConnectEd Newsletter - Merit

    Creighton School District: Creighton Connection - Excellence

    Deer Valley Unified School District: Deer Valley Voice - Excellence

    Gilbert Public Schools: Connect, Create, Care - Merit

    Mesa Public Schools: Achieve - Merit

    Peoria Unified School District: Re-branding the Peoria Insider, Link 2, Link 3 - Merit

    Roosevelt School District: Roosevelt NewsMerit

    Social Media

    Amphitheater Public Schools: Where's Amphie? - Excellence

    Avondale Elementary: All Things Avondale - Excellence

    Avondale Elementary: Avondale Attends Excellence

    Avondale Elementary: AESD Home Spirit Week,  Merit

    Avondale Elementary: AESD ConnectEd,  Excellence

    Kyrene School District: Tax Credits Make a Difference,  - Excellence

    Littleton Elementary School District: Attendance Awareness - Merit

    Mesa Public Schools: Budget increase social media campaign - Excellence

    Mesa Public Schools: Remote Learning social media campaign, - Excellence

    Queen Creek Unified School District: Senior Spotlight #2020Strong, L - Excellence


    Avondale Elementary School District: chooseAESD.org - Merit

    Gilbert School District: THRIVE Website, - Excellence

    Kyrene School District: Kyrene Careers Page, - Excellence

    Litchfield Elementary School District: Litchfield Elementary School District Launches New Website,- Merit

    Madison Elementary School Distriict: Website Redesign - Excellence

    Phoenix Union High School District: PXU Website, - Excellence

    Special Purpose Publication

    Amphitheater Public Schools: The Secret - Merit

    Avondale Elementary School District: Start your chid's education with us - Merit

    Cartwright School District: Cartwright COVID-19 HANDS: How we overcame the panic through art & healing - Merit

    Dysart Unified School District: Dysart Community Connect Magazine - Merit

    Gilbert Public Schools: Unique Special Purpose Utility Trailer (Terri Bradford) - Merit

    Kyrene School District: Preschool Brochure - Excellence

    Kyrene School District: Summer Brochure - Excellence

    Littleton Elementary School District: Monitoring Report Summary - Merit

    Mesa Public Schools: 2019 budget increase fact sheet - Excellence

    Mesa Public Schools: Portrait of a Graduate - Merit

    Paradise Valley Unified School District (PVSchools): PVSchools 2019 Highlights and Achievements - Excellence

    Phoenix Union High School District: This Is Who We Are Magazine - Excellence

    Phoenix Union High School District: Every Student Every Day Resource Guide - Merit

    Sunnyside Unified School District: SUSD Strategic Plan - Excellence

    West-MEC: Interactive District Map - Excellence

    Identity/Image Package

    Avondale Elementary School District: Chose AESD - Merit

    Gilbert Public Schools: THRIVE Branding and Identity (Terri Bradford) - Excellence

    Kyrene Public Schools: Unified School Logos - Excellence

    Littleton Elementary School District: This is Us - Merit

    Mesa Public Schools: Safe.Strong.Ready. - Excellence

    Mesa Public Schools: 120 years of high schools - Excellence

    Phoenix Union High School District: PXU Brand - Excellence

    Sunnyside Unified School District: SUSD Master Brand Guidelines - Excellence

    Washington Elementary School District: WESD Employee Wellness Program - Merit

    Multicultural Outreach/Campaign

    Cartwright School District: One Team, Una Famila Campaign - Excellence

    Creighton School District: Multicultural Outreach Campaign - Merit

    Mesa Public Schools: Seguros.Fuertes.Listos. ¡EN VIVO! - Excellence

    Sunnyside Unified School District: Enrollment Campaign - Excellence

    Tucson Unified School District: Next Steps 2020 - Merit

    Multimedia Marketing Campaign

    Amphitheater Public Schools: All-Day Kindergarten - Merit

    Cartwright School District: Charter School Comparison - Excellence

    Cartwright School District: Cartwright Billboards - Excellence

    Deer Valley Unified School District: DVUSD Big Kid Book Club - Merit

    Dysart Unified School District: Dysart College and Career EXPO - Excellence

    Gilbert Public Schools: Employees of the Year - Merit

    Kyrene School District: Discover Kyrene - Excellence

    Mesa Public Schools: Budget increase multimedia marketing campaign - Excellence

    Mesa Public Schools: Safe.Strong.Ready - Excellence

    Mesa Public Schools: 2020 Superintendent Search - Merit

    Queen Creek Unifed School District: Choose KNBEn - Merit

    Roosevelt School District:  The New Valley View Leadership Academy - Excellence

    Roosevelt School District:  Roosevelt School District Multimedia Enrollment Campaign - Excellence

    Washington Elementary School District: WESD Return To Learn Reopening Plan - Excellence


    Amphitheater Public Schools: Amphie Holiday Video - Merit

    Amphitheater Public Schools: Scotty's Graduation Video - Merit

    Amphitheater Public Schools: The Secret - Merit

    Arizona School Boards Association: Become a School Board Member Campaign - Excellence

    Avondale Elementary School District: Mask up, AESD! - Excellence

    Avondale Elementary School District: NASA 2020 - Merit

    Avondale Elementary School District: MAS unites with Home Depot - Excellence

    Avondale Elementary School District: First Day of School 2019 - Merit

    Avondale Elementary School District: Enroll at WFAA - Excellence

    Avondale Elementary School District: To Our Avondale ESD Families - Merit

    Avondale Elementary School District: A new era at AESD - Merit

    Cartwright School District: Getting Ready for Kinder - Merit

    Cartwright School District: The Power of Dual Language - Merit

    Cartwright School District: What to Expect at Spitalny - Merit

    Cartwright School District: One Team, Una Family Commercial - Merit

    Cartwright School District: Drive-by Promotion - Merit

    Cartwright School District: Veteran's Heritage Video Project - Excellence

    Creighton School District: COVID-19 - Merit

    Dysart Unified School District: Dysart Mock Crash Prelude - Excellence

    Dysart Unified School District: Dysart Super in 60 Seconds Video Series - Merit

    Gilbert Public Schools: Gilbert Classical Academy Virtual Tour - Merit

    Kyrene School District: Lead with Passion - Excellence

    Kyrene School District: A Million Dreams - Excellence

    Kyrene School District: Preschool Choice, Link 2 - Excellence

    Kyrene School District: The RISE Up Journey - Excellence

    Kyrene School District: We Are Kyrene, Always - Excellence

    Littleton Elementary School: School Choice - Excellence

    Littleton Elementary School District: Kick Off Celebration Video - Merit

    Mesa Public Schools: 2019 budget increase informational video - Merit

    Mesa Public Schools: Teacher Appreciation Week video - Merit

    Mesa Public Schools: Safe.Strong.Ready. enrollment ads - Excellence

    Mesa Public Schools: 120 years of high schools - Merit

    Paradise Valley Unified School District: PVSchools Good News. - Excellence

    Paradise Valley Unified School District: Happy Holidays from PVSchools 2019 - Excellence

    Peoria Unified School District: Capturing Graduation - Merit

    Peoria Unified School District: School Finance Explained - Merit

    Phoenix Union High School District: COVID-19 Spanish Language Enrollment Commercial - Merit

    Phoenix Union High School District: Online Enrollment Commercial - Excellence

    Phoenix Union High School District: PUFE 2020 Counselor of the Year - Excellence

    Phoenix Union High School District: PXU 2020 Virtual Convocation - Excellence

    Queen Creek Unified School District: What is PBIS? - Merit

    Queen Creek Unified School District: QC Counts - Excellence

    Queen Creek Unified School District: QCUSD Principal Video Series - Excellence

    Queen Creek Unified School District: QCHS Class of 2020 Tribute Excellence

    Roosevelt School District: RSD End of School Year Video 2019-2020 - Excellence

    Sunnyside Unified School District: Breast Cancer Awareness Unity - Excellence

    Sunnyside Unified School District: Excellence in Teaching - Merit

    Sunnyside Unified School District: UofA Said YES! - Merit

    Sunnyside Unified School District: I AM SUNNYSIDE - Merit

    Tucson Unified School District: Everyday Hero Video Series -Excellence

    Tucson Unified School District: Stronger Than Ever - Merit

    Tucson Unified School District: Graduation 2020 - Excellence

    Washington Elementary School District: Roadrunner Elementary School - Arizona Department of Education Title I Exemplary Program Video - Excellence

    Washington Elementary School District: Abraham Lincoln Traditional School – School of Choice Promotional Video - Excellence

    West-MEC: 360° Program Videos - Merit

    West-MEC: A Look Into Videos - Excellence 


    Amphitheater Public Schools: 5th Grader Visits High School - Merit

    Amphitheater Public Schools: The Messy Zone - Merit

    Cartwright School District: Drones are Cool!, - Merit

    Cartwright School District: STEM Red Cup Challenge - Merit

    Dysart Unified School District: Dysart Drive-Thru Promotion Celebrations - Merit

    Dysart Unified School District: Dysart CTE Photos - Excellence

    Dysart Unified School District: Dysart Veterans Day Celebrations - Merit

    Gilbert Public Schools: First Day of School (Terri Bradford)  - Merit

    Gilbert Public Schools: 25 Year Employee Celebration - Merit

    Kyrene School District: Veterans Day - Merit

    Kyrene School District: World Fair - Merit

    Kyrene School District: Earth Day Celebration - Merit

    Mesa Public Schools: Emergency meal pickup at Taft Elementary - Merit

    Mesa Public Schools: Westwood High School Welding Technologies - Excellence

    Mesa Public Schools: Outdoor learning at Zaharis Elementary - Merit

    Mesa Public Schools: Fun in PE at Bush Elementary - Merit

    Paradise Valley Unified School District: PVSchools Signature Program - Excellence

    Peoria Unified School District: Capturing a Winter Wonderland - Merit

    Peoria Unified School District: Capturing Peoria Unified Feeding Dreams - Merit

    Phoenix Union High School District: This Is Who We Are - Merit

    Roosevelt School District: RSD Fall 2019 Photo Shoot - Merit 


    Cartwright School District: LeeAnn's Lines - The COVID-19 Hands Edition - Merit

    Dysart Unified School District: Dysart Breaking Barriers: How three students at Valley Vista High School are redefining the game of football for women - Excellence

    Grand Canyon University's K12 Educational Development: The Hidden Positives of Remote Teaching - Merit

    Kyrene School District: School Closure Announcement - Merit

    Kyrene School District: Inclusion Statement - Merit

    Kyrene School District: No Place for Hate Media Release Excellence


    Cartwright School Board member, Pedro Lopez  


    Dr. Quinn Kellis, Dysart Unified School District


    Spreanta Klees,  West-MEC


    Phillip Haldiman, Peoria Independent


    DMB Community Life